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How does it happen? Yesterday morning, I had a moderately busy week -- a dinner party for 7 at my house on Friday and going for a visit to my aunt's on Wednesday.

In the span of a half hour, I added a big project and a houseguest to that. Eeps!

-- Steph


I'm currently enjoying the amazing feeling of having a house full of food. If you haven't been grocery shopping lately, I highly recommend it.

-- Steph

7.24.01pt. 2

Trying out new looks for Smokin'. They're non-functional, but they're purdy... look 1, look 2, look 3.

I like look 3, my sister and her co-woker like look 2. Bummer!

-- Steph



Yesterday I bought a book called "Simplify Entertaining." Apparently, there isn't any simpler way to do it than the way I have been. The secrets are all plan ahead and don't get stressed out even if stuff goes wrong. I guess I'm already a pro.

-- Steph


Two years ago today, it was 95 degrees in the shade and everyone I love got dressed up and stood around in the sculpture garden while Tim and I got married.

Happy Anniversary to me and mine!

-- Steph


Hey, we both spent some time on the site yesterday. How amazing is that?



Hey, happy birthday, Ian. Many more.

Oh, and you smell like a monkey and you look like one too.

-- Tim & Steph



I very rarely have anything to do at work. Sometimes this doesn't bother me. I can spend hours reading about the Internet industry or learning new little Flash tricks. Sometimes it drives me insane -- as in wanting to stand up and shout "WHY ARE YOU PAYING ME?"

Yesterday, I wanted to do that, but I spent the day reading about and signing up for the company's 401(k) plan instead.

-- Steph


Back to Reality

After a beautiful week in Washington D.C. I'm back to reality. Which doesn't mean I'm slaving away or anything -- I said "reality", it just means that I don't get to stroll down to the bagel shop, drink good coffee every day, and then walk around parks and museums.


-- Steph


I keep looking for a good way for folks to submit doodles. So far,I’ve found a bunch of sites for kids that will let you "color", a some that will let you draw stuff yourself, but they usually require you to take a screen shot and then email it. Maybe the best bet is to convince everyone to download some freeware drawing programs. (Mac, PC)



Why have ads? Because that way Product Awareness Increased with ’Advertisement’. Some Ads never make it out of the agency, but they find their way to The Ad Graveyard. Others, get made and are preserved for posterity.



The Control Group is some sort of pretentious English band. Not that fond of their tunes, but I love their site. They updated it since the last time I saw it, and it’s still neat, but I think I liked the old one better. It was so clean. The old site was featured in a DevHead Flash Tutorial that showed you how to turn film into flash.



Kari Tauring is always popping up where I don’t expect her. She was at the Mental Engineering party, she showed up at Chris’s Millenium City reading at Gus Lucky’s, and there’s lots of places to find her on the web too -- and her own site.



JJ Kidder has been a composer since birth, doing solo stuff and a couple of albums with Dies Irae. I used one of his tunes on the HUGO Hugo Boss shop site.



In Minneapolis, if you’re looking for a PC or to pick up a geek, don’t go to CompUSA or the bar, go to General Nanosystems. Their systems and parts are just about the cheapest in town, and when Tim had a hard drive fail on his new system, they weren’t just NICE about replacing it, they were apologetic. You’re not going to get that from Dell.



The two dot.coms I miss the most are and The latter doesn’t even have the death notice up anymore.



Okay, well, Space Spice is tonight. Wish me luck.



Thomas at the Hair Police cuts my hair. He’s gifted beyond words. But I’m afraid. Not only is he talented with hair, he’s a rapper with a really bright future. He’s part of the Igloo Knobs, was invited to open for Ludacris when they performed in Mankato, and is getting a lot of good publicity and opportunities. I’d love to hear his music on the Beat, but who is going to cut my hair???



Not sure how to celebrate today? You can read about it in the Fourth of July Celebrations Database. If you’re in Minneapolis, you can find celebrations at these locations.



Visi was created by a bunch of people that I used to know and hang out with. Because of that, some of them have sites up on their servers. It’s kind of fun to poke your nose in and see what these guys are up to. Folks like Al Angen, Bill Mack, and Nancy Anderson.



Baring my utter geekiness, here’s a link to the lyrics of The Alphabet Song. A lovely ditty sung by Kermit the frog initially, and over and over again by my high school debate team. I’d link you to the tune, but since Disney bought up all of Jim Henson’s copyrights, well, you know how that goes.


Tim Mitchell, Comedian

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