Space Spice: The Seedy Side of Science Fiction

Let's face it, not all science fiction was created to stimulate the mind. Space Spice is the red light district of science fiction and fantasy. Show off your Spicy Space costume, rank your favorite work on the Spice-O-Meter, and come to ridicule or ogle some of SF/F's trashier attractions. (Friday Only, 21+)



Friday, July 6th, 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.



CONvergenceat the Radisson South Hotel on Normandale Blvd in Bloomington. Room #501



Everyone at CONvergence who is over 21 and not offended by seedy stuff! WARNING! There will be smoking, drinking, and lecherous behaviour. If you're concerned about this stuff GO TO A PANEL and leave our party alone! This is a legal event, so bring your ID.



Well, we love CON and we wanted to have a party. The only thing that we're really "fans" of is debauchery. So we're hosting the smokingest, drinkingest, sexiest party we could (legally) come up with! Please join us!



We're featuring a Spice-O-Meter where you can rate who is spicier, Barbarella or Scully? Captain Kirk or Jean Luc Picard? Movies such as Barbarella, Barbarian Queen, Flesh Gordon and Heavy Metal will be playing. Munchies and our soon to be famous Green Test Tube Shots will be available, not to mention lots of lovely pictures of our favorite spicey sci-fi chicks and hunks.



Free! We'll take donations for our Green Test Tube Shots, but they're based on your generosity, not our desire to make money. (Pwahaha.)



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