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Cutting Comedy for a Wounded World

Full of fresh perspective, Tim Mitchell brings everyday life on his fun-filled, family vacation to the rattlesnake pits of hell--round trip, of course.

Dark and bitter, like a good chocolate, or a premium ale, he appeals to the masses and the smart folks too. Seen through Tim's jaundiced eye, the mundane transforms into the hysterically bizarre.

"There's a place in comedy for Tim Mitchell."
--Doug Stanhope

"You worship the dark one, you are truly one of us."

"Shut up and drink it."
--K.P. Anderson

--Kermet Apio


Acme Comedy Co., Mpls., MN
Hollywood Improv, Hollywood, CA
Comedy Gallery, St. Paul, MN
Comedy Gallery West, Grand Forks, ND
Cavanaugh's, Yakima, WA
Granny's Giggle Bucket, Inferno, HL
Spaghetti Works, Des Moines, IA
Winners Inn Casino, Winnemuca, NV
The Looney Bin, Memphis, TN
Augsburg College, Mpls., MN


Assorted Jazz

  • Regular panelist on Mental Engineering television show.

  • Head writer for Smart Alex television show starring Alex Cole.

  • Appearance in, and soundtrack work for feature film nobody saw, Half Life.

  • Bass Player/Vocalist in cult goth/punk/metal bands, including Timbuktu, Dark Carnival, and Grind. Hey, it was the '80s.

Incredibly clever and funny things I thought of to end this Bio with and guarantee I get tons of work:



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