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I had read about the abduction and rape "in my neighborhood", but Southeast Minneapolis is big and includes most of the University of Minnesota where I already felt uncomfortable.

When I got home last night, a detective in the sex crimes unit had visited the house -- apparently, this yuck happened in the apartment building next door.

-- Steph


So I decided to see if I could use the Babel Fish to translate my glasses web site. Well, it didn't quite work, but I was able to make out the headings on the "contact us" form to email them the question. There was a "thank you" kind of page that came up after I submitted it, and here's what it translated to:

Its message will come winnowed to more soon from a our responsible for fornirle the demanded infomazioni. Service Customers Nico Srl - Turin - Italy

I'm not sure, but I think they're going to fuck my message and throw it out the window.

-- Steph


Here's a link to my new glasses. You care, right?

Nico Occhiali Torino

Of course, the whole reason I looked them up was so I could see if they carried a sunglasses clip. If anyone out there reads Italian and can tell me, that'd be swell.

-- Steph


Oogah. Hit the fair yesterday, and now I feel like the fair hit me.

With a stick!

-- Steph


Did a little subsegment of the Minnesota PRSA web site this week. You can see the proofing page here. Once it goes live, it'll have ugly PRSALink headers on it. Oh well.

-- Steph


Today would have been the 14th anniversary of my ex-boyfriend and his ex-wife.

I have too many dates in my head.

-- Steph


Two weird examples of "you reap what you sow" happened to me this morning.

The first, I almost got creamed by a car making a left hand turn across the bike lane. Nothing new, but when I scowled and shook my head at the driver, he stuck his tongue out at me!

The second, when I went to get my coffee and muffin, the clerk was doing something else. Rather than holler, I simply waited. She thanked me profusely for letting her finish counting her receipts and gave me my coffee for free.

-- Steph


Today marks exactly one week until the Minnesota State Fair!

Last year I created the "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" game that was running at the KSTP-TV Channel 5 booth. It was a nightmare to create.

This year, they're doing it again, but I did it in Flash instead. Woohoo. After the Fair I'll post a link so you can see it -- but not before, I don't want any cheaterheads playing the game!

-- Steph


It's been brought to my attention that if you're one of those people that turns off Javascript, that you can't see the Doodle of the Day.

That's unfortunate, but if you're curious (although not curious enough to TURN ON JAVASCRIPT) you can always check out the Doodle Archive, which uses no fancy tricks -- but doesn't get updated as regularly.

-- Steph


Spent a little time working on the More@Steph section of the site today. Still haven't gotten to the Flash version (it remains half done -- all structure, no content!) but I've got a more developed portfolio out there. Woohoo. Yeah, whatever.

-- Steph


Theoretically, you're supposed to be able to find just about anything on the internet, but I've had a bear of a time trying to find out about St. Anthony East Bank Village, the mixed use development happening 6 blocks from me. Here's all I've found:

MCDA's description of the project.

City Business Article: Area experiences a revival by river

A Pioneer Press Article about land cleanup: $7.3 million in grants to fund land cleanup

From the Minnesota Daily: Demolition begins next week to clear space for northeast Minneapolis face-lift

None of these tell me what I really want to know -- when is it going to be done, and what's going to be there when it is?

-- Steph


Happy Anniversary

Eight years ago today, Bill & Patrice got married at a beautiful mansion on Summit Avenue. The weather was nice, the food was delicious, the family and friends had fun.

Then, the foolish Maid of Honor said she'd never been to White Castle...

-- Steph


Bumper Stickers

I've never stuck anything on my car before, but I found these left-wing ditties to be fun.

I'm changing the climate, ask me how, courtesy of Dave P, and George W Bush -- not a crackhead! courtesy of one of the bikes on the rack next to mine today.

-- Steph


Today is the day that the Minneapolis Farmer's Market expands to Nicollet Mall. If you're going to buy fresh produce there, I urge you to buy from the folks that are actually growing the food they're selling. Lots of booths are folks that buy cases of stuff from the same distributors that the grocery stores do. Yes, it might be fresher, but part of the beauty of a farmer's market is that you're directly financially benefitting the people that grow the food.

Please linger at that small booth that has only one or two things in abundance -- it'll be the food that is freshest and contain the most love.


Tim Mitchell, Comedian

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