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I can't believe I didn't link to this before! Bob Sokol shows you how to convert a school bus into a really nice motor home. I'm not going to do it just yet, but it's intriguing nonetheless.

-- Steph


Thank you!

Thanks so much to all the swell folks that came to Pracna last night to celebrate my birthday! Y'all R the gr8est!

For your linking pleasure...

So simple, and so inspirational. The Positive Mind, Faces

-- Steph


Just a couple things that amuse me...

Super Greg. I can't tell if he's serious or not. I'm afraid that he is.


"It's my god--ed house," Glick said. "I'll paint it purple with frowny faces if I want to."

-- Steph


Off to the Boil!

Just about every year, the Calvits host a Crawfish Boil at their farm in Grantsberg, WI. It's a grand tradition we look forward to every year.

This year, I picked up a nifty hostess gift at Cajun Clothing Co. at I had a fabulous shopping experience that had a really nice personal touch.

If you find yourself in need of Cajun gear, by all means, check them out.

-- Steph


Well, Suck My Dick.

Hennepin County Judge finds sodomy law unconstitutional.

-- Steph


Just kinda funny. It's Disney, but it's well, good. It's Last Minute Book Reports. I'm particularly fond of Moby Dick.

-- Steph


A Haiku for the Office...

waiting for some yuk
to torture the internet
grand spam designer

or, for you know who...

I was doing stuff
Now I am doing nothing
because boss says so

Try a random Haiku generator.


So Long and Thanks for All the Laughs

Douglas Adams died unexpectedly from a heart attack at a gym near his California home last Friday. He was 49 years old.

Tributes from friends and fans are being collected at Adams' Web site.

-- Steph


Is this too cruel? Here's a link to the portfolio of the guy that lasted a whopping four days at SCG. I'll make it a little less cruel, you'll only know his name if you go to the link. Making him think he's getting lots of hits on his online portfolio.

-- Steph

"Smokin': Smoker Friendly Restaurants in the Twin Cities". Make a suggestion. Stuck here in News until I make a new section.

Gig Alert!

Tim will be performing at the Minnesota Comedy Club at the Best Western Maplewood Inn with Fancy Ray McCloney on Friday, June 1 & Saturday, June 2.


Happy Mother's Day to our Moms. Thanks for all the hard work. Bet you didn't think we'd still be tormenting you well into our 30s.

-- Steph & Tim


Every OS Sucks. A little ditty for the seasoned nerd.

-- Steph


The first draft of "Smokin': Smoker Friendly Restaurants in the Twin Cities" is up. Make a suggestion.

"Proper decorum suggests that you shouldn't fuck your stolen boyfriend in public for at least 2 weeks after stabbing your best friend in the back." Hmm. I guess that's ONE motto to live by. The Story of Jenni vs. Courtney WebCam Girls D-Lux (Old -- last July I guess, but I just found it.)

-- Steph


Nekkid Internet

Tim has a theory that there's nekkid pictures of everyone on the internet. He claims that even your grandma can be found cavorting in Eadweard Muybridge photos. Check for yourself.

-- Steph


EverQuest Widow

Many thanks to my friend Craig Allen who forwarded me to the Yahoo.Club for EverQuest Widows.

Is the next step an intervention?

"Tim, do you play EverQuest instead of finding tasty tidbits for 'Porn as a Second Language?'"

-- Steph



In design, we're always trying to create mood before we have content. (The stupidity of this is a whole tangent I won't get into today.) While we're waiting for the wordsmiths, we put in "Lorem Ipsum". I wanted to know what it meant and found this translation of Greek...

If that doesn't motivate you to look for yourself, consider the first phrase: "But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born..." Hmm!

-- Steph


Not Really What We Intended

Tim and I just picked up an inexepensive camcorder. Sure, we would have loved to get the latest, greatest digital video camera, but our purpose was simply to get Tim a decent tape to send out to bookers. Because of this, we picked a Sony with NightShot 0 Lux, which is supposed to work better in low light conditions -- typical of most comedy clubs.

Little did we know, we were buying a super-duper x-ray machine that could see through people's clothing!

Of course, we haven't tried it yet, but apparently, if you purchase an infrared filter, you can see all the tightie whiteys you want. If we decide to hoon for the filter, we'll let you know what we can see... Heh!

-- Steph


Road Trippin'?

One of the coolest things I've seen on the internet for a long time. Matt Frondorf drives from the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge. But it's no ordinary trip. He mounts a camera on the passenger side window, links the shutter to his odometer, and takes a picture every mile. Taken On The Road: American Mile Markers

-- Steph


Gig Alert!

Tim will be performing at the Minnesota Comedy Club at the Best Western Maplewood Inn in one month!

Tim and Fancy Ray McCloney grace the stage on Friday, June 1 & Saturday, June 2.

In the meantime, he's playing EverQuest.

-- Steph


Tim got a blast from the past today when Phil Daniels called him up to invite us to a party.

Phil has an architectural glass studio in Minneapolis (not what you'd really expect from a punk rocker) that does amazing work.

His site is purdy too:


Tim Mitchell, Comedian

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