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Dubs is a college bar.

Sort of. It’s on the U of M campus in the heart of Dinkytown. Until recently, they were strictly beer and wine (pa), bar food in paper tins, jello shots and trivia.

Why is it then that it always seems to be filed with um, old folks? People like me, Dave, Jim, MPP.

Oh wait, MPP manages the bar. Maybe our mystery is solved.




Okay, so I've been blathering about Space Spice, our party for CONvergence.

But there's been a huge element of stress related to the party -- I couldn't get the damned convention crew to book me a smoking room and then the hotel was full.

But then, my sister managed to book us a room, so we're in the clear! YEAH!

DangerGirl ROCKS!

-- Steph


These days in history

For ten years I dated almost exclusively (to varying degrees of success) men that were born on June 25, 26, and July 3 and had a best friend born on June 25.

Now I'm not one to believe in the cosmic nature of shit or "what's your sign" but I think that's interesting.

Happy birthday fellas. Turns out I was better suited with someone born on the same day as my grandma and 6 days away from my mom.

-- Steph


Been actually using my BRAIN at work lately. I've been crunching a new site for The Instant Web Companies.

Since I get to do it up from the get go, thought I'd do it right with CSS, standards compliance and even getting into a little dynamic content stuff.

Oh, and it's kind of pretty. If you're interested in lookin'...

-- Steph


Oh my god. The Sun. It's out there. For those that think I've been whining and live out of state... There were 4 days in May that didn't include rain. There have been 17 out of 19 days in June without rain. (So far.)

Huh. Today is my one year anniversary of working at Strother Communications Group. It's been an interesting ride so far.

-- Steph


On Saturday, it was sunny and beautiful, so I went for a bike ride. I biked down to Dreamhaven to look for cheesy book covers for the SpaceSpice party. I checked the Last Stop CD Shop for bad space music.

It started to sprinkle, so I headed for home.

I got caught in the hail. I guess all I can say is that shit hurts.

-- Steph


Rain Rain GO AWAY

Good grief! To give you any idea of how much bleepin' RAIN we've gotten lately, the pool, (the building's, not ours) which was at a normal level on Sunday, is almost overflowing, and that's before the downpour we're getting today.

Or the downpours we're supposed to get for the next TEN DAYS.

-- Steph


Ever wonder what happened to Tim? Some of you might be wondering... Did she kill him? Is he on the road? Did his fingers break? Did his computer fry?

Nope. He's still playing EverQuest. Apparently, this game is so much more interesting than all of you, our readers, that he's just blown y'all off entirely.

Good thing Doug Glanville is dedicated to his fans -- he plays EQ and still plays ball.

-- Steph


Ever wonder how blue haired old ladies got that way? Mrs. Stewarts Bluing of course.

Why do I bring this up? It's my grandma Iacono's birthday. I don't think she ever used the stuff in her hair, but I know she did on her clothes. Were my grandma still alive, she would be 93 today.

-- Steph


Mmm, Beery. Star Tribune has a guide to local brewery tours. Althought they're counting Schell's as "local" and, well, that's kinda far.

-- Steph


About 6 months ago, this company advertised in the paper for a web designer. Looks like they never hired anyone, cuz the page is exactly the same.

-- Steph


In preparation of Space Spice, our CONvergence room party, I came across the Barbarella Headquarters. My favorite part just might be the French language pop up window.

06.06.01 Addendum -- been working on planning. If you're morbidly curious about the guts of planning a party for 1000 people you've never met before, you can check out "The List".

-- Steph


Feeling broke? Check out The Dollar Stretcher or Frugal Fun. Keep in mind, some of their suggestions are for people that have more time than money -- not for those of us who have no money and no time.


Tim Mitchell, Comedian

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