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The Urge to Entertain

Today's Babble talks about a great dinner party I went to almost a month ago. It's spurred me to think about all sorts of entertaining things. In addition to the babble, I've created my own version of Martha Stewart's Guide to Entertaining, only not so deep into fantasy-land. If you're curious, check out Simple Entertaining Doesn't Exist.

-- Steph


Islamic clerics ask Osama Bin Laden to leave Afghanistan

Me too. Please, Osama Bin Laden, leave that country. Please, United States, don't bomb that country.

The clerics say in the article "Don't kill innocent people." Yes, let's not.

The Taliban wants recognition of their government and a lifting of sanctions. While I don't agree with the Taliban's ideology in general, I don't think we should kill their citizens. And hell, if they got some food and medical care, maybe they'd have an uprising and get rid of them on their own.

-- Steph


I rode the bus to work today for the first time this Fall. That's always just a little traumatic because it stands for so much.

-- Steph


CNN is conducting a public opinion poll with the question:

If Afghanistan does not hand over Osama bin Laden, should the U.S. bomb Kabul?

79% say yes (44050 votes)
21% say no (11530 votes)

I say "No". To bomb their city kills their civilians and makes us government funded International terrorists.

The attack on Tuesday was horrible, but let's try to work this out with dignity, pride and grace. How frustrating for terrorists everywhere if their violent acts fuel nothing but compassion, understanding and hope instead of hate and fear...

Our best bet of long-term survival is to show the world what a classy country we really can be.

-- Steph


Saw a kook yesterday standing on an overpass of 35W waving a flag. This image seemed to touch me emotionally more than anything I've seen on ABC news.

-- Steph


Well, big news day yesterday. Tim and I were enroute from St. Louis to Minneapolis. 9+ hours of talk radio. No planes.

For what it's worth. Gas in Des Moines is NOT $4/gallon. Nor was it more than $1.70 anywhere we went. Didn't stop the reactionaries from lining up at every podunk Texaco .

My favorite part was the intereview with the Mayor of Cedar Falls -- in summary, Cedar Falls doesn't have to worry because they have no symbols of America anywhere near them.

-- Steph


The New French Bar closes. I have mixed feelings -- it was definitely the better place to go (compared to Urban Wildlife.)

Anyway, this article quotes our friend Shawnee, mentions our friend Phil Daniel, and is written by Kristen Tillotson, who was on Mental Engineering with Tim.

Exploitation Now, kinda risque comics.

-- Steph


The Primaries are less than a week away... SEPTEMBER 11th!

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Okay, in a more reserved tone...

Here's election information, and here's candidate information.

-- Steph


If you don't save a magazine, sometimes you lose the story. If you save a magazine, you've got a house full of crazy-person fodder. I recommend going to the library and searching out the 2001 Summer Fiction Issue of the New Yorker. In there, you'll find Nell Freudenberger's story, "Lucky Girls," which painted a moving picture of India and sex. Not in the Kama Sutra way you'd think. Sorry, couldn't find it on the web, but I did find out that she's soon to be published.

-- Steph


The Change...

Well, it feels like I didn't change much, or that maybe I changed a lot on the site. My goal was to make everything a little more readable and the colors a little more subtle. Not sure I'm happy with it. Not convinced it doesn't look like bathroom decor.

It might change again, when/if I get the effort.


Tim Mitchell, Comedian

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